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Our Adventures Begins

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Determined to live, create and play on the sands at Shellie Bay, a few of the locals warned us that tides would put a damper on the idea! Inquisitive to learn how I demanded to know 'HOW!'

'The sea levels rise and the sea will flow into your dwellings,' someone retorted.

Not to be outsmarted, Melo rebounded, 'Not if your hut like houses rise with the tide and lower back onto the sand when it goes out.'

'Where does it go?' quizzed Barnacle.

'Probably back out to sea!' I suggested, in my best helpful voice.

As is our habit we combed the sands for materials which we could use to make our homes then to make them look more homelike. 

The next adventure was to find somewhere to turn into a recoding studio, or should I say a 'for a studio to find us.'

Twaddle and Drivel had created such a place and had converted it into a studio to record, music., pottery. 

So, let the creativity and fun commence.

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