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The latest ShellieTastic album. Just over 27 minutes of musical fun!

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1: I believe

2: Get There

3: Ripples Flow

4: Do All You Can Do

5: Led By Dreams

6: Hey Ho !

7: Paddling in Puddles

8: Telling Tales

9: Sally Custard

10: In Song

11: Enjoy Your Ride

12: Sweet Nothings

13: I Believe reprise
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Join The Shellies celebrating the Seasons of Fun. Creativity, positivity and Fun, Fun, Fun. Nearly 38 minutes of ShellieTastic songs.

1: Join the Fun

2: Get There

3: Moments

4: Razzle Dazzle

5: Never Ever

6: Ripples Flow

7: The Flow

8: The Alley Pally

9: For Fun

10: Dance With the Breeze

11: Watch and Wonder

12: Think

13: Circus

14: Top o' the Morning

15: The Shows Begun
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ShellieTastic Music recorded in the studio at Shellie Cove

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1: Songs From a Shell

2: Turning Tides

3: Dive Overboard

4: Shuffle on the Sand

5: On Shellie Bay

6: Do the Ra Ras

7: Besides the Sea

8: Shell and Bop

9: Waves Come Ashore

10: Footprints in the Sand

11: Wait and Sea

12: Sailing Away

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12 Shellie-Tastic songs plus one Bonus Track. Enjoy the sounds of Shellie Bay and turn every moment into a beach party.

1: Sail Away

2: Ding Dong

3: Never Never

4: We Wish You Were Here

5: Tell Me How

6: Do What We Do

7: Moon Rakers

8: On the Beach

9: Razzle Dazzle

10: I Wonder

11: Fabulous

12: Oh My

Bonus Track The Tub Marine
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listen to shellies music

ShellieTastic Music. 12 tracks and nearly 24 minutes of musical fun. Suitable for all from 3 to 103. years.

listen to shellies music

Pop the music on, and enjoy the songs of Shellie Bay.
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1: Ahoy We're The Shellies

2: Shine and Glow

3: My Lovelies

4: Fun of the Fair

5: Wave Sea Wave

6: Dancing on the Pier

7: Bookend Tales

8: Pass By Your Bay

9: Curtain Calls

10: Singing Sands

11: Once Upon a Tides

12: Hush

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