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a children's book about saving seashells

Four fantastic hilarious tales of how The Shellies manage to save the Shells on Shellie Bay followed by preventing the Sour Drops gang and MarshMallow from destroying the Wellie Wanging Games and making sure the Wobbly Jelly contest takes place. Crabby, Rainbow, Barnacle and Melo stop MarshMallow and her gangs intentions of taking the fun and colour out of the ball on the Shire of Here and There.

The fun doesn't stop at the last full stop of each story! Readers get the chance to enjoy our easy ShellieTastic Crafts and can make some of the items which they have just read about..

Suitable for children 5 years plus. A ShellieTastic Fun Time For All.

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Meet the folk from the Shire of Here and There

After meeting the owners of a new recording studio which had been parked in a nearby field, Crabby, Melo, Rainbow and Barnacle, aka The Shellies, have agreed to record their songs there.

Meanwhile deep inside the Dark Side of Wallop Woods, MarshaMallow and the Sour Drops gang meet a new iffy character and it doesn't take them too long to hatch crafty plans to make life miserable for visitors and the people who live in the area.

Hold onto your hats as attempts are quickly made to turn Shellie Bay into a polluting factory. Local business owners are cheated, fun is being spoilt. Fizzy Dishes will be placed on cliff tops to ooze gunge and slime onto the sands below in an attempt to force the ShellieTastic Four out of their homes.

Who will stop these fiendish plans?

Who can prevent a catastrophic catastrophe from spoiling visits to the beach.

The answer to these horrible dilemmas and lots more unasked questions must surely be The Shellies!!

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a childrens book about the beach
a book about seasons

The Iffy and Whiffy folk from the Dark Side of Wallop Woods are determined to stop free fun everywhere controlled by the Uncivil Service. A battalion of Penny Pinchers have been ordered to issue permits to allow people to whistle, sing, dance, entertain and to enjoy themselves.

It is quickly established that behind these fiendish plots of shenanigans are Raspin Sprout and MarshMallow.

Wait, all is not lost! The Shellies along with Twaddle and Drivel have created a plan to hold festivals of fun in fields and on beaches. Chants of 'Keep Fun Free!' rang out throughout the length and breadth of the shire. As the plans grew, the festivals turned into Seasons of Fun.

People coming together to create happiness for the many. Join Crabby, Rainbow, Melo and Barnacle as their efforts to assist creativity and entertainment alive and free in the Shire and to thwart the Iffy and Whiffy few from spoiling happiness.

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Mysteries are nearby and so are the agents from BOP! When we receive reports of magic, hauntings, sinister happenings we despatch one of our highly trained agents to investigate the events. From rumours of ghostly highwaymen and smugglers to sightings of fairies and the 'wee folk,' you can rely on BOP to uncover the truth.

The Broadcasting, Operations, Printery (better known as BOP) has been involved in such mysterious conundrums since reports in the 1920 edition of the Strand Magazine of sprites.

Suitable for children 7 year plus

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shellies book about investigating
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